T-shirt Printing . . and a whole lot more!

Sure we started off as t-shirt printers, offering quality screen printing services and quickly became a major player in the UK market for custom screen printing, but is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the type of printing we offer and the vast range of garments we stock and can print or embroider on to.

Screen Print Guidelines

What are the main reasons for choosing this method?
  • Screen Printing Suitable for orders over 50 units
  • Ideal for large designs as ink is more flexible that vinyl
  • Machine Wash durability
  • Softer to touch than vinyl
  • More cost effective on larger quantities
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The process of silk screen printing is achieved by forcing ink through a framed silk screen which has the desired pattern and specific colour exposed as a mesh that allows ink to transfer to the garment by pressure from a squeegee (manual or automatic machine driven).

This process is performed for each separate colour and resulting in finished multicolour design.

Custom Screen Printing is not the only method available at KC for t-shirt printing as we also run several digital printing machines to cater for a different style of print and lower volume orders.

Digital T-Shirt Printing

Why should I use Digital Printing?
  • More suitable for Full colour complex designs with gradients and tones
  • If you have a low order quantity
  • If you want to print digital images or photos
  • If you have numerous logos/designs to print per garment
  • Can be processed quickly if you have a tight deadline.
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Digital t-shirt printing is used for multicolour artwork with complex gradients and tones and photographic imagery.

The digital printing process is performed by printing the digital based image on to a vinyl base, which is then machine cut and processed by hand to be positioned on to the garment before applying heat and pressure to transfer to the product.

Kustom Clothing are recognised as one of the leading digital printing companies in the UK and process around 500,000 printed t-shirts each year.

transfer printing

What is transfer printing best suited for?
  • Individual Names and Numbers (example school leavers hoodies)
  • One-off samples for client meetings or press events
  • Multicoloured logos that need to look bright and bold
  • Nylon fabrics – waterproofs, hi-vis jackets, umbrellas, sports and leisurewear, sponsors for sports kits
  • Flock effect – luxurious velvet-like pile transfer Metallic effect – high gloss metallic print
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Transfer printing is very popular and most suited to smaller orders and print runs of up to around 100 units.

Transfer printing on clothes is a method which involves heat pressing plasitol, foil, flock or CAD-cut vinyl onto garments.

Transfer printing will outlive the garment it is printed on!!

Once printed the garments can be washed at up to 40 degrees.

Transfer printing is very durable we are happy to guarantee all that our printing will stay where it is for the life of the garment!

direct to garment (dtg) printing

what is dtg and when should you use it?
  • Best print results on t-shirts / hoodies / tote bags and garments with high cotton content
  • Perfect for short runs (from 1 – 500 units) of full-colour prints as well as multi position prints
  • Great for fashion, promotional, print on demand, sports team clothing and charity events
  • Low set up cost and very fast turnaround
  • High resolution artwork will always achieve the best results
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Direct to garment printing (DTG), is a process of printing directly on to garments and textiles using specialised print technology.

DTG printing is as precise a top of the range inkjet printer, so you’re able to print images in much higher detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in colour. The ink gets injected directly into the material. The only difference being that instead of paper it works on fabric.

DTG is the most modern of all printing techniques and can achieve things that no other method can. Because the printer can print any image, you have a lot of options when it comes to customising your design.