Custom Embroidery

Why Embroidery?

What are the main reasons for choosing this method?
  • Longer life than print and highly durable
  • Distinguished look and feel
  • Large thread colour choice and logo matching service
  • Can be applied to almost any garment
  • Complex designs and layers are achievable
  • Premium Embroidery application contributes to the garment
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Why not Embroidery?

  • Not suitable for large designs
  • Not suitable on light material like polyesters, silks and thin cotton

We are experts in the field of custom embroidery and embroidered clothing and have been in the industry for over 30 years. 

We have a large factory base that houses several large state of the art embroidery machines that produce retail quality logo embroidery on a 24 hour basis.

The embroidery process works by stitching coloured thread directly in to the garment by a digital jacquard programme and allows us to create detailed and complex logo embroidery that will last for many washes and retain its colour.

Our custom clothing core allows us to offer all types of garment decoration, but custom embroidery is better suited to corporate clothing and embroidered workwear as is more durable and portrays a higher level of quality for your company or brand.

We use logo embroidery on a multitude of garments ranging from embroidered t-shirts, embroidered polo-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, embroidered hoodies and embroidered caps.

Contact the KC team to discuss our 'embroidery services' and how we can help produce some amazing 'custom embroidery' for your organisation or event.

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