OLD Charity Running Vests

Here at Kustom clothing we have been supplying printed running vests to charities for as long as we can remember. We supply charities up and down the country with printed running vests and printed running t-shirts on a daily basis after all there are over 25,000 charity running events each year in the UK, these can be anything from a short Distance Race for Life event the infamous London Marathon. Printed charity running vests have become more and more popular each year as what better way is there to highlight the charity that each individual is raising money for?

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As with all the charity clothing we supply we try and do our bit, after all we know that the price is a very important factor!! Whether it’s printed t-shirts for a global charity or 10 printed running vests for a local charity event we like to offer the same quality, service and value to all. Some of the things we do to help are free designs service , free delivery and free set up when and where we can!

When it comes to quality we are confident that the printed running vests we supply are second to none, the fact we supply cheap running vests doesn’t mean they lack quality, we only use the best quality running vests on the market along with the most up to date printing technologies. We can assure all of our clients old and new that our printed running vests will take pretty much what you throw at them, they are not designed to last one race these garments will last for years to come!

Please see some examples of our most recent work below and also on our portfolio page!

Breathable Running Vests

Yes believe it or not the running vests we supply do breath! This is a major benefit to the runner’s endurance and comfort!
Over the last several years the technology used in the material of sportswear has come on leaps and bounds and now all the printed running vests we supply are breathable or what is also known as wicking material, this basically means the garment works with the user and prevents them from becoming over heated!

How does this work?? The wicking material used to make the shirt (100% breathable polyester) pulls the moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the shirt, this keeps the skin dry and the body temperature as low as possible. The same technologies are using in football shirts, cycling shirts, rugby shirts etc.

The reason we only supply wicking / technical running vests is that we know the hard work and effort people put in training for runs, triathlons bike rides etc the last thing they would need is to be let down by a printed running vest or t-shirt as it is uncomfortable or not fit for its purpose!

How are these printed?

As with most of the garments we supply running vests can be printed in a number of ways, we offer screen printed vests, transfer printed vests, digitally printed vests, sublimation printed vests and vinyl printed vests, all of them are as good as each other and the fact we offer every possible vest printing option we are guaranteed to ensure that your printed charity vests look perfect!

Each different method of printing offers a slightly different over effect / result. The print technique is something you can let us worry about as we decide which will work best for your job this is dependent on a number of things such as the detail of the design, the colour of the vest and colour of the design, the quantity of garments you are ordering, how quickly you need them delivered etc.

Please see below a description of the methods we offer:-

Bespoke / custom dyed charity running vests / t-shirts

We stock and supply over 30 standard colours of running vests and t-shirts and can print these in any colour under the sun! With such a vast colour choice its usually the case that we have the colour that best represents your charity or cause however if we don’t stock a colour that is close enough we can supply bespoke made running vests to your exact specification, these can be d matched and can be printed all over of required.

Please contact us for more information on any printed or embroidered item for charities!

We will guarantee the best price in the UK.

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