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Design Your School Leavers Hoodies

classic leavers hoodie in orange

Classic Leavers Hoodies

zipped leavers green hoodie

Zipped Leavers Hoodies

school leavers pink sweatshirt

Leavers Sweatshirts

school leavers blue and yellow contrast hoodie

Leavers Contrast Hoodies

leavers 1/4 zipped red sweatshirt

Leavers 1/4 Zipped Sweatshirts

contrast navy and white zipped hoodie

Zipped Contrast Leavers Hoodies


Class of 2024 Leavers Hoodies

The perfect memento of your time at school or college

With over 20 years experience, we supply schools, colleges and universities with printed and embroidered clothing

  • 50+ Colours to choose from

  • Free Design Visuals & Webshops

  • Free Sizing Samples

  • Premium Quality Print & Embroidery

  • Free Set-up

  • Great for Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Uni students

  • From as low as £9.95 per hoodie

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer webshops for an easier ordering process. You can learn more here.

Yes. We offer a personalisation option that is suitable for your design. All you need to provide are the names or nicknames and the respective sizes.

Yes. Each student may choose their preferred colour, there is no maximum requirement for the colours chosen.

Yes. We provide free, returnable plain samples in order for you to get an idea of the fit, feel and quality of the garment. We ask that you return your sample within 14 days from receiving.


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