London Marathon Interesting Factoids 🏃

The 2017 London Marathon is nearly here (April 23rd 2017) and the run up to it here at KC has been the usual madness of vests being printed at every hour of the day and night!

After the launch of our Custom Sublimation Printed Vests we have made it even more of a vest explosion but are happy to have supplied some great charities and produced some cracking vests nonetheless.

Rather than rant on about how good our new vests are we decided to post some random facts about the London Marathon itself, happy reading:

  1. The First London Marathon was run on 29th March 1981.
  2. In 2016 the 1 Millionth runner crossed the finish line.
  3. Highest ever amount raised was £2,330,159.38.
  4. The Marathon has raised around £800 million to date
  5. The Fastest record times are as follows: Elivid Kipchoge 2:03:05 (male), Paula Radcliffe 2:15:25 (female).
  6. The Word Marathon comes from 490BC when the Greeks beat the Persians and a Greek man named Pheidippides ran 24.8 miles to tell everyone, after which he collapsed and died!
  7. The slowest marathon time was recorded in 2002 by Lloyd Scott whilst wearing a deep sea diving suit.
  8. The marathon has 150 doctors on hand to help and 1500 medical volunteers from St. Johns Ambulance.
  9. The actual distance is 26.2 miles and was changed from just 26 miles (an extra 385 yards) so that the Royal Family could watch from Windsor Castle.
  10. The 1st Marathon men’s elite race was tied between Dick Beardsley & Inge Simonsen who crossed the line holding hands in 2:11:48

We hope you enjoyed the facts and will also enjoy the 2017 marathon.